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  • The new versatile, compact and lightweight LED floodlight provides bright illumination wherever you need it. Ideal for wide peripheral, two direction or overhead lighting.
  • Versatile functionality is central to the design of this floodlight. The flat lighting panels are angle and direction adjustable, but the floodlight also sports a new designed handle with a built-in hook for extra security. Place on the floor or other surface or hang securely above. Note: when using the light overhead, use a commercially available S shaped hook or wire to secure it firmly.
  • With 1500 lumens of light, the floodlight is powerful. And the brightness level can be controlled to suit different site areas, it can be adjusted to high (100% capacity), medium (approximately 50% capacity) or low (approximately 10% capacity)
  • Works with the interchangeable 14.4V or 18V Battery packs
  • Batteries show in the images are not included

Product specifications

  • Voltage
    18 / 14.4V
  • Weight (excl.battery pack)
  • Size (L x H x W)
    125mm x 312 mm x 96 mm (when handle and 2 lighting panels are folded together vertically)
  • Light flux
    Approx. 1,500 lumens
  • Brightness
    Approx. 3,000 lux (at 40cm ahead)
  • Lighting mode
    3-mode brightness adjustment (High for 100% capacity, Medium for approx. 50% and Low for approx. 10%)
  • Lighting angle*
    Panel vertical opening angle 0° to 90° (15°-intervals, 7 ratcheting points), rotation angle 0° to 270° (continuous without stepping)
  • Handle rotation angle
    0° to 360°(22.5°-intervals, 17 ratcheting points)

*Note: There are rotation stoppers on the unit. Do not rotate the lighting panel forcibly beyond the stopper.

Battery packs that can be used with the product and the duration of continuous lighting
(figures estimated based on a fully charged battery pack)