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This jigsaw has a low centre of gravity and low vibration design to deliver smooth and stable cutting. It uses T-shaped blades that eliminate the need for tools during a blade change.
  • Low vibration: Counter balance mechanism
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable cutting
  • 4 stage pendulum action
  • Cutting angle adjustment (0-45)
  • Air blow function keeps cutting line clear
  • LED light

Typical Application

  • General  construction
  • Carpentry

Cutting Performance  Wood :65 mm, mild steel :6 mm Aluminium :10 mm
Pendulum Action Stages  4 (0• 1-3)
Stroke length  20 mm
Strokes per Minute at no load  0-2,400/min
Charging Time  Usable :50 minutes
(using EYDL82B charger)  Full :60 minutes
Weight -including battery  2.25 kg
Size (LxHxW) 277 mm x 177 mm x 63 mm
Max. thickness of mounting blade 1.3    mm

Charging time, weight and size: case of using the battery pack (EY9L45B)

EY4541X57: Battery pack and battery charger are not included.